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PopGene is a collection of simulations commonly used in the study of population genetics, including:

• Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
• Multiple Allele Inheritance
• Multiple Loci Inheritance
• Natural Selection
• Genetic Drift
• Migration
• Mutation
• Inbreeding

A three part screen allows students to simultaneously view the simulation parameters, data plots and a dynamic graph of the results. Parameter values, the speed of the simulation, and the scale size of the graph and the graph type can be easily changed.

The operation of PopGene is simple and straightforward. Select a simulation and graph type, then start it using the default parameters or those you enter from the keyboard.

The outcome is shown in the results window and on the graph. Simulation parameters are easily changed, and the results may be saved to disk or printed.

Package includes a step-by-step tutorial of the Hardy-Weinberg simulation, mini-tutorials using the other models, and suggested exercises to be used in conjunction with the simulations.

Requirements:This program was written for Windows XP. On Windows 7 it needs to be run using Microsoft's Virtual PC feature (this is a free add-on from Microsoft). http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx