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BIOMstat 4

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BIOMstat 4.0 for Windows, including 64 bit Windows 10

A comprehensive yet easy to use statistical package for MS Windows. It performs many of the statistical analyses commonly used in the biological and biomedical sciences. The program was developed to accompany the text Biometry by R. R. Sokal and F. J. Rohlf.

Version 4.0 provides easy to use (just click a speed button on the toolbar) yet powerful graphics designed to illustrate the results or reveal conformity to critical assumptions of most of the analyses in BIOMstat. Sample screen shots are available. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions page.

BIOMstat has been updated to include new methods described in the 4th edition of Biometry, such as bootstrap and permutation tests. Also added are the computation of effect sizes and their confidence limits as well as estimates of required sample sizes. A list of changes in the version 4.0 is available here. BIOMstat is a single program with many standard analyses included. These include logistic regression, isotonic regression, Mantel tests, Kendall and Spearman rank correlations, and others. Single-classification and factorial anova are now much more convenient. Probabilities are provided with all tests. Randomization tests and bootstrap estimates of parameters are provided for many of the modules. The data editor can read Excel files. Methods are selected using a menu of buttons organized within folders (see the screen shots for examples). Standard data transformations are available.

Methods included in BIOMstat:

* Analysis of frequency data: Fisher's exact test, goodness of fit & expected frequencies (includes replicated goodness of fit tests), log-linear models of 3-way tables, logistic regression, and tests of independence for 2-way tables (with Gabriel's simultaneous test procedure to find a maximal non-significant sets of rows and columns).
* Analysis of variance related methods: 1-way analysis of covariance with 1 covariate, up to 9-way factorial anova (=n), 2-way anova with unequal sample sizes, test homogeneity of variances, single classification anova, nested anova, Tukey's test for non-additivity, Kruskal-Wallis test, Mann-Whitney U-test, and multiple comparisons among means (T, T', GT2, SS-STP, Welsch, and Games & Howell). Bootstrap estimates and permutation tests for ancova, single classification anova, and homogeneity of variances.
* Correlation: product-moment correlation and non-parametric tests of association. Includes major (principal) axis and reduced major axis Model II regression methods. Bootstrap estimates and permutation tests are available for correlations.
* Regression: analysis of covariance, linear regression, multiple regression (with Kruskal's method for estimating the "importance" of each variable), polynomial regression, logistic regression (allows for multiple independent variables), isotonic regression, and Kruskal's robust line-fit method. Bootstrap estimates and permutation tests are available for regression and multiple regression.
* Descriptive statistics: computation of means, medians, variances, coefficient of variation, g1 and g2 for both raw data and from frequency distributions. Standard errors, confidence limits, and delta-corrected Komolgorov-Smirnov test for fit to normal distribution. Bootstrap and Jack-knife estimates are also available. The D'Agostino-Pearson test has been added.
* Nonparametric statistics: Kruskal-Wallis test, Mann-Whitney U-test, Mantel test, Kendal's rank correlation tau, Spearman rank correlation, and Kruskal's (also known as Sen's) robust line-fit method, Friedman's method for randomized blocks, Wilcoxon's signed-ranks test for two groups (paired comparisons), and the Scheirer-Ray-Hare two-way anova of ranks.
* A probability calculator for the t, chi square, F, normal, Dunnett, and Shapiro-Wilk, distributions.
* A sample size estimator for the required sample sizes in t-tests, anova, correlation, regression, multiple regression, and goodness of fit tests.
An effect size estimator for t-tests, anova, correlation, regression, multiple regression, and goodness of fit tests.

For more information about the methods included in this software, see the text Biometry by R. R. Sokal and F. J. Rohlf (2012).


Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8 compatible.  Requires about 10 MB of disk space due to the documentation provided. It is 32 bit software but runs fine on Win 7 64 bit.